Health o Meter 2101KL

The Pro Plus Electronic Bariatric Handrail Scale Model 2101KL from Health o Meter is equipped with an extremely advanced microprocessor. This precision instrument is made with features that make weighing easy, quick, and handy, as well as precise, dependable, with repeatable weight measurements.

Health o Meter digital handrail scale

The scale is configured to employ motion-sensing technology in order to ascertain the precise weight of a patient in motion.

The weight reading can be shown in kilograms or pounds (decimals, fractions of a pound, or pounds/ounce). The 2101KL scale has a 180-degree swivel/pivot head that allows reading from either side of the scale and a wrap-around handrail for patient comfort and safety. The scale also has two wheels for convenient portability. The device may run on six D-cell batteries (not included) or its AC adaptor.

Capacity:  1,000 lb (454kg)
Increments: 0.2lb (0.1kg)
Display: 3/4″ LCD
Power: AC adapter (incl) or by 6-D cell batteries (not incl)
Platform:  26″X 22″
Health o Meter 2101KL Digital Bariatric Handrail Scale

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