Professional medical scales are used in hospitals, physician clinics, and other healthcare settings to accurately measure patients weight. There are several different types of professional medical weighing scales available, each designed to meet specific needs and requirements in healthcare settings.

Column Waist High Scale

Column Scales

Column scales, also known as waist high scales, offer several advantages when used in a healthcare facility …
Remote Display Scales

Remote Display Scales

Remote display scales are an advanced weighing systems that offer convenience and flexibility in obtaining weight measurements …
Handrail Scales

Handrail Scales

Handrail scales are innovative weighing devices that provide stability and support to patients during the weighing process …
Wheelchair Scale

Wheelchair Scales

Wheelchair scales are specifically designed to accommodate patients in wheelchairs. These scales have a wide, sturdy platform …
Chair Scale

Chair Scales

Chair scales are designed for patients who have difficulty standing or require additional support while being weighed …
Infant Scale

Infant Scales

Baby and infant scales are specialized scales designed for weighing newborns and infants. These scales are equipped …
Infant Scale Carry Bag AKOZLIN 27" Nylon Carry Tote Bag
Carry Case

Infant Scale Carry Case

Infant Scale Carry Case AKOZLIN 27″ Nylon Carry Tote Bag. Keep your infant scale safe and secure. The AKOZLIN carry case features an inner velvet liner belt and the entire main compartment is padded for extra protection. Dimensions External dimension: 28″ x 23″ x10″ Interior dimensions: 27.5″ x 22.5″ x 9.8″

Health o Meter 400KL Pysician Beam Scale
Balance Beam | Column Scales

Health o Meter 400KL

The Health o Meter 400KL Physician Beam Scale is a game-changer when it comes to monitoring your patients health. Designed with medical-grade precision and durability, this scale is not only suitable for professional medical settings but also perfect for home use, at the gym, or in fitness facilities. At the heart of this scale’s precision…

The Health o Meter 553KL Baby Scale
Infant Scales

Health o Meter 553Kl

The Health o Meter 553KL is a high-performance digital pediatric scale specifically designed to accommodate active babies and provide accurate weight measurements. Equipped with advanced motion-sensing technology, this scale can capture the weights of even the most lively infants, ensuring precise readings. One of the standout features of the Health o Meter 553KL is its…