Health o Meter 349KLX Remote Display Scale

The Health o Meter 349KLX is utilized in a variety of settings, including clinics, home care, and medical offices. The remote display head can be positioned so that users can read the weight easily. The scale is an excellent option for usage at home and in weight loss clubs due to its compact size.

Remote Display Scales

Because the platform is lower, there is less of a step-up need, which makes the patient’s weighing experience more steady and comfortable.

With the option to be positioned on a table or mounted on a wall, the remote display offers flexibility. The scale’s serial port connection allows it to send weight data to the Welch Ally Spot Vital Signs monitors.

Health o Meter 349klx remote display scale
Capacity:  400 lb (181kg)
Increments: 0.2lb (0.1kg)
Display: 1″ LCD
Power: 6 AA batteries included, optional power adapter
Platform:  12 ½” x 12″ x 1 ⅞”

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